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Family… What does that word mean to you?


In our novel, one of the main character’s biggest problems is the issues she has with her family. She feels neglected, unloved, the least favorited, that she’ll never be good enough for any of her relatives. For being one out of three children, it isn’t hard to believe. Many kids seek attention when they feel they never get it from their families-whether they’re the youngest, the oldest, or in between- and sometimes it’s true. How do you feel about your family? Do you think you’re the odd one out? Whether a parent or a child, there’s often times when we don’t understand that we’re doing something wrong, that in some way we are pushing away the people we are meant to love. And instead of coming out with the truth about our emotions, occasionaly we keep our thoughts secret, shoving back the people that pushed us. You might lock yourself in your room, or keep out of the house as much as possible. Maybe you decide to run away from it all. That’s what our character does, in a way.
The point is, we shouldn’t leave alone the people we cherish. Open your eyes and see what you’re really doing to your family member. Or if it’s vice versa, don’t keep your feelings hidden, or else they will never go away.
We believe we should all love one another, especially familes… even though we know this may never be completely true for everyone. But if we try to fix our relationship with each other, maybe we can slowly grow closer, and all be happier. Hopefully.


We Do Not Claim To Be Magnificent Writers!!!


Just because we have a blog, and claim to be writing a novel, please don’t be misled to believing we are like Cassandra Clare or J.K. Rowling (although that certainly would be nice). We are very inexperienced with this type of stuff and getting loads of help from selected readers. We are merely doing all of this because we love it. We think it’s fun. If we had any other idea, then what’s the point of writing? If the only reason you’re writing is for the money, all you care about is being published, then it becomes more of a job than a hobby.

Sometimes, we look back on a snippet of something we wrote, and all we can think is, “How is it possibly possible that we wrote something like this???”We even look back on these blogs every once in a while and think the same thing (that’s why there’s so few entries on here; we keep deleting them). But we keep trying, and we force ourselves to be open to other’s opinions, all so we can be proud of our work, instead of ashamed. So, no, our book is not in stores. We will be keeping this site up-to-date on what news we hear about changing that (if any ever comes).

We’d like to believe, though, that anything is possible, and maybe one day we will be able to go into Barnes and Noble and see someone buying our novel. Maybe we will have a Wikipedia page for Stuck. But if we don’t, that’s okay, too.

It Really Is Just Us… But Maybe That’s Not Such A Bad Thing


Why hallo there! Our names are Anna and Sofia, and we’re writers-in-training. We got the idea for our “book” on an ordinary Friday night, while watching Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. We don’t really know if it’s going to get anywhere in the writing business, but we like to dream that it will. We are very inspired by our favorite writers and even our teachers, and are supported constantly by our best friends, who listen to us go on and on about little odds and ends of stuff they don’t even understand.

We have had to re-write all that we had accomplished twice now, because somehow our work keeps magically erasing from our computer, and Sofia’s too lost in her own little world to remember to save it to a flashdrive (hopefully we won’t have that problem anymore). Although having to re-write all of the words over again is pretty infuriating, after we’ve cooled off from our temper tantrums, it’s kind of entertaining to change or add events, deciding that it sounded better this way.

Maybe we’re in a little over our heads (okay, we’re WAY in over our heads), and we sometimes wonder whether, after we walk away, people make fun of us for being published-author-wannabes. It took us a while to decide if we really wanted to even start a blog because maybe people would think we were annoying and pathetic. But then we figured, “Who cares what others think? This will be fun, let’s do it.” That’s the way we look at our “novel”, too. We don’t think about if others secretly have the opinion that we’re too young to be any good at writing, because we have fun creating a world all our own, and that’s all that matters to us. It would be nice to get published and we would totally freak out if we ever did, but it we don’t, that’s okay too, because we will have the knowledge that we accomplished something like this, and had a blast doing it, too.

So, maybe you don’t want to read a blog by two inexperienced young writers, but if you give us a shot, maybe you’ll think that we’re not so bad.