Sneak Peek… ooooh


“Do you think I’ll ever get out?” I asked.

“If you want something bad enough,” said the man, “in time, it will happen.”

“And what if it doesn’t?”

“My dear, you have so little faith,” he replied. “You’re the main character in this story. Believe. Anything is possible, if you just have faith.”



I know, it doesn’t really give away anything, but we couldn’t think of anything to write. And if we gave everything away now, you wouldn’t want to read it at all… if it ever gets published.


About sofiaandanna

Hi, our names our Anna and Sofia, and we started writing our "novel" in November of 2011 while watching the movie Alice In Wonderland (the one directed by Tim Burton). When we are not reading or writing YA books, you can find us going for a walk, watching the latest horror movie, listening to various types of music, or, unfourtunately, doing the mounds of homework assigned to us everyday. We hope you enjoy our blog of randomness.

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