Sofia’s Book Reviews: CITY OF LOST SOULS by Cassandra Clare



If you’ve been to my house… many of you reading this probably (and, no offense, hopefully) haven’t, but one of the things that you’re likely to see is that I have a square on my bookshelf that holds my favorite series’ of books (well, more like crams them in, since my bookshelf is not as big as I would like it to be). I enjoy a lot of books, but the ones placed here are different. This shelf is kind of like the hall of fame for my library.
And, if you know me, you can probably guess that THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series is placed in this shelf.
I started reading the series last year. I had heard about it a little, and saw an advertisement for it in a magazine, but I always decided to pass it up in the bookstores, not willing to take the risk to spend the twenty dollars to buy it. I think what finally pushed me to just live a little and try it was the small, signed-by-the-author postcard that was pinned up on my teacher’s bulletin board. She usually had good judgement when it came to reading, so the next time I walked into Boarders, I picked up the book that had a guy with no shirt on on the cover (after about a twenty minute hesitation). Coincidentally enough, Anna bought the first three books the next week.
Even then, though, I didn’t start reading it until a month and a half after I bought it.
Needless, to say, I became hooked.
Now, the fifth installment of the series came out last month, and I FINALLY was able to buy myself a copy. My big sister was gawking at me when I showed it to her. “How many pages is that?” She had asked.
“About six hundred, I think.”
She didn’t say anything back, but I’m pretty sure her theory that I was insane grew.
The book was great, really, but for some reason, I just couldn’t seem to get into it like I had the others. Maybe it was because of Jace’s… situation (I’m trying not to give anything away!), but I actually put the book down halfway through to read another one I had just bought. Although that wasn’t a major problem, because I finished that one in a night, but still. It’s rare for me to stop in the middle of reading.
There is also one thing that I was… not very happy at all about that happens in the epilogue. I mean, seriously, WHY?! If you read the book, you might understand what I’m talking about. Stupid vampire.
I rate the book four stars out of five stars, because even though all it sounds like I did was complain in the entry, it’s still a work of Cassie’s that I loved. Can’t wait for CLOCKWORK PRINCESS!
Please feel free to leave a comment, we both always LOVE getting those. But, if you do, please try to stay clear of exploiting anything that will give away the book, for the courtesy of those that have not yet read it and want to.


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  1. I was interested in your review because I was aware of Cassandra Clare before she was a published author, and I wondered if her published works were any good. So you’re telling me they are and I should give them a look? Thanks for the review!

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