Our names our Anna and Sofia, and we’re just two small town girls living in a crowded, crazy world that love to read and write. We also enjoy watching the latest horror movie (and usually making fun of how cheesy it was), listening to the various types of music we like on our Pandora accounts, taking walks on a nice day, hanging out with our group of best friends that we wouldn’t be able survive school without, or doing all of the avalanches of homework that we have every day. The crazy-cousin-writing-duo that is us decided to start on a novel about a week after Thanksgiving in 2011, thinking that it would be stupid not to write one since we love the exact same genre and might make an awesome story with our little minds. So we got an idea together that we both liked while drinking soda at a basketball game and started working on our book we right now are calling STUCK. Although at times we can be total opposites, we would do anything for each other in a heartbeat.


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