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A Song or A Story?


Often times, some people will classify literature as the following:

  • books
  • poems
  • essays
  • speeches

These may all be true, but there’s something missing. Why isn’t “songs” mentioned? Don’t they tell as much of a story as a book or poem does? If we dissected the lyrics of a song, they express the feelings and tale of what the music artist is thinking, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s look at the song Wide Awake, a popular song by Katy Perry at the moment:

I’m wide awake
Yeah, I was in the dark
I was falling hard
With an open heart
I’m wide awake
How did I read the stars so wrong                                                                                                           I’m wide awake
And now it’s clear to me
That everything you see
Ain’t always what it seems
I’m wide awake
Yeah, I was dreaming for so long                                                                                                             I wish I knew then
What I know now
Wouldn’t dive in
Wouldn’t bow down
Gravity hurts
You made it so sweet
Till I woke up on
On the concrete                                                                                                                                       Falling from cloud 9
Crashing from the high
I’m letting go tonight
Yeah I’m Falling from cloud 9                                                                                                                   I’m wide awake
Not losing any sleep
I picked up every piece
And landed on my feet
I’m wide awake
Need nothing to complete myself                                                                                                           I’m wide awake
Yeah, I am born again
Outta the lion’s den
I don’t have to pretend
And it’s too late
The story’s over now,  the end                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thunder rumbling
Castles crumbling
I am trying to hold on
God knows that I tried
Seeing the bright side
I’m not blind anymore                                                                                                                              

The lyrics mean different things to different people, depending on what’s going on in their lives.  Maybe it might be that it means nothing at all, just another song. Or perhaps you’re going through a tough time and the song applies perfectly to you. The song speaks for Katy about something that she’s going through, and it helps get an insight on the story she’s trying to tell.

Still don’t get what I mean? Let’s try a different song. A section from Enchanted by Taylor Swift:

There I was again tonight
Forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old tired lonely place
Walls of insincerity,
Shifting eyes and vacancy
Vanished when I saw your face
All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you
Your eyes whispered, “Have we met?”
Across the room your silhouette
Starts to make its way to me
The playful conversation starts
Counter all your quick remarks
Like passing notes in secrecy
All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you
This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go
I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew
This night is flawless, don’t you let it go
I’m wonderstruck, dancing around all alone
I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

This song tells us the tale of an experience Taylor had while at another party she wasn’t interested in being at when she met a guy she was “enchanted” to meet (some believe that she actually wrote this song for Adam Young, otherwise known as Owl City).

Most songs are wrote for a reason. Most. There are some, that you wonder what the writer was trying to say to us. Like these lines from a song called Planetary (GO!) by My Chemical Romance:

There might be something outside your window
But you just never know
There could be something right past the turnpike gates
But you’ll just never know
If my velocity starts to make you sweat,
Then just don’t let go
And if their Heaven ain’t got a vacancy
Then we just, then we just, then we just
Then we just get up and go!

It’s a fun song and we love it, but we just don’t see the story behind it.

So next time you listen to a song, can you decipher the tale behind it?


The Song That Basically Inspired The Story

This song– ALICE by Avril Lavigne– is what we were listening to when we got the idea for our novel. We’ve listened to it loads of times since then, whenever we needed an idea.

Sneak Peek… ooooh


“Do you think I’ll ever get out?” I asked.

“If you want something bad enough,” said the man, “in time, it will happen.”

“And what if it doesn’t?”

“My dear, you have so little faith,” he replied. “You’re the main character in this story. Believe. Anything is possible, if you just have faith.”



I know, it doesn’t really give away anything, but we couldn’t think of anything to write. And if we gave everything away now, you wouldn’t want to read it at all… if it ever gets published.