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Sofia’s Book Review: INSURGENT by Veronica Roth



First, I need to say something: BRAVO VERONICA ROTH!
I have been dying to get my hands on this book since I put down the first one, DIVERGENT, but only got it last Monday. However, I have been really busy because of our vacation to Chicago (which, incidentally, is where this book’s setting takes place… and yes I did get happy and excited when I rode on the ferris wheel and went up in the John Hancock building because they are mentioned in both books… don’t judge me), so I didn’t start reading it until Sunday night. I think being sick this week was for once a good thing, because I haven’t been able to put this novel down, and school would’ve stopped me from reading it. Four and Tris almost made me forget about how sore my throat was (and, at the moment, still is).
In my personal opinion, I liked INSURGENT more than I did DIVERGENT. Don’t get me wrong, DIVERGENT is absolutely fantabulous and I tore through the story just as fast as I did this one, but something about the personalities of the characters on top of the riveting plot in this outstanding sequel compelled me to keep turning the pages. I was so tired, but I forced my eyes open, chanting to myself, “Just one more chapter…”
So, if you’re wondering, yes, this series has been officially placed in my list of favorites. Not really a surprise there, though. My sister tells me I’m going to be one of those old ladies that dies alone with nothing but her books and cats.
Sometimes I believe her. Ha.
Anyways, I think I have a favorite quote from this novel, which is weird, since I don’t usually have those with books. Yet, this is the one I remember the most:
“Who cares about everyone… what about me?”
I’m not really sure why, either. Maybe it was the setting. Or because of how sad it sounded.
It is definately a cliff hanger though. So, once again, I am dying to get the next installment of this series.
So, if you have nothing to read, I deeply recommend you go and find yourself a copy of these two books because… well, they’re simply amazing.
Five stars out of five stars.
Have a comment about these two books? Please post them I would love to hear them all!
And, yes, I did take that picture using Instagram. Not too shabby for me, I think.